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Cost-effective pipeline
security services

Cost-effective pipeline security services

We focus on pipeline security services because we understand the importance of securing isolated areas. With the rise in wellhead site thefts, it is more critical than ever to deploy effective security guard services and protective measures. We have solutions for wellheads, laydown areas, SAGD operations and much more.

Better pipeline security services

Vandalism of Assets

In remote locations like metering stations, it is essential to prevent vandalism of critical assets. Indeed, it is important for the integrity of the building, but moreso, to prevent any critical functions from facing disruption as a result. 

Remote Operations

Working remotely poses a challenge for both employees and employers. Ensuring safe practices are followed is essential for both parties, and responding quickly in the event of an incident can be the difference between life and death.

Liability Protection

Industrial sites require pipeline security services not only to protect their own assets but also to keep out intruders and trespassers. Liability is a distinct concern when dealing with dangerous and volatile areas including H2S leaks.

Unproductive Downtime

There is a fair amount of trust that comes with sending workers to remote areas for long periods. However, the lack of reciprocation can be a source of significant loss and adding measures to prevent this can also increase efficiency.


mobile security solutions

Mobile Surveillance

We use highly efficient, military-grade equipment in our mobile light towers and surveillance stations. With a geofencing perimeter and wireless connection, these are the ideal choice for every oilfield project in Alberta, Saskatchewan and British Columbia.

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Fixed Surveillance

Our fixed surveillance options are ideal for monitoring multiple site entrances, such as logging roads. Our cameras charge through solar power, which means they will last with minimal maintenance.

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Security Guards

All our security personnel come from backgrounds in military or policing roles, making them effective for monitoring and responding to emergency situations. Plus, we build relationships with local law enforcement to encourage rapid emergency response.

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Sensor Technology

Our cameras can monitor motion and thermal changes in their view and alert our remote operators. Similarly, we can establish a geofencing perimeter that automatically responds with alerts and talk down messaging. Both have proven effectiveness in deterring criminal behaviour.

access control system

Access Control

Our access control solutions are ideal for mining security services and pipeline protection alike. Establishing a fenced perimeter with controllable entrances keeps sites safe and allows the easy monitoring of foot and vehicle traffic.


Enhance workplace and lone worker safety

Support potential investigations with video evidence

Maximize your return on investment and reduce costs

Minimize potential risks, liability, and site downtime

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Prevent crime and catch assailants in real-time

Hold staff accountable for false invoicing and internal theft

Monitor site activity and liaise with local law enforcement

Ensure the safety of all on-site personnel and employees

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We’ve assisted hundreds of clients from dozens of different industries. Our solutions are always custom, tailored, and designed to improve overall safety, security, and peace of mind. Learn more!

In a small remote area, the conditions might be ideal for a wellhead. However, securing and protecting that wellhead can pose a significant challenge. With Zedcor, you can establish mobile monitoring units that alert our highly-trained surveillance operators. Before we notify law enforcement, we determine the alert’s nature to avoid false alarms and wasted resources.

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Zedcor has emerged as a trusted partner in safeguarding your site, and your people, with a robust approach to business security services, rooted in real-life scenarios. Our custom-tailored security plans are embedded in your operations, providing integrated protection for your work-site and personnel.