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Industrial security services protect your business. Warehouses and industrial areas are prone to break-ins, vandalism, theft and property damage because of their remote location and relatively open perimeter. Protect your most precious assets with video surveillance systems, access control solutions, sensor technology and other modern innovations from Zedcor Security.

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industrial security services

Fire & Damage

Fire can be a huge concern if not dealt with in time. It can spread quickly throughout many types of properties, including commercial and industrial areas. Similarly, break-ins and vandalism can cause project delays when not properly addressed.

Cost of Security Systems

The cost of traditional security systems can be excessive, especially for large industrial operations like wellheads or commercial developments. Instead, let new technology work for you, like motion sensors and high-tech light towers with video surveillance. Efficiency can save you money.

Liability & Insurance

As a business, working with insurance often involves the balancing act of costs and expectations. Thankfully, security systems can reduce the cost of protection and the cost of insurance by providing reliable monitoring and assurance that your liability is under control.

Employee Accountability

Keeping employees on track and hard at work can be a real difficulty. Distractions from coworkers, personal devices and emotions can all interfere with a productive work shift. Instead, consider video monitoring solutions that keep them accountable, focused and on-task.


mobile security solutions

Mobile Surveillance

Our mobile surveillance solutions, like Mobileyez, are ideal for large-scale operations such as construction sites, warehouses and more. We can quickly install these systems to provide enduring light sources and discrete cameras.

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Fixed Surveillance

For long-term projects such as wellhead sites and in-process refineries, it is essential to have enduring surveillance solutions. We work with clients to establish a perimeter, reinforce weak links and install durable cameras, military-grade sensors and more.

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Security Guards

We hire former law enforcement and military personnel to ensure the best service for our clients. With years of experience under their belts, they are capable of rapid response to emerging situations in remote areas, industrial sites and other locations.

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Sensor Technology

We utilize the latest sensor technology to protect our client’s businesses and buildings. For industrial applications, we focus on movement-based options that allow us to monitor even the biggest locations with relative ease and exceptional efficiency.

access control system

Access Control

Gates, employee entrances, parking lots and other industrial access points must have the right protection. We install identification scanners, talk-down systems and video monitoring to ensure only authorized personnel are on-site.


Enhance workplace and lone worker safety

Support potential investigations with video evidence

Maximize your return on investment and reduce costs

Minimize potential risks, liability, and site downtime

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Prevent crime and catch assailants in real-time

Hold staff accountable for false invoicing and internal theft

Monitor site activity and liaise with local law enforcement

Ensure the safety of all on-site personnel and employees

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We’ve assisted hundreds of clients from dozens of different industries. Our solutions are always custom, tailored, and designed to improve overall safety, security, and peace of mind. Learn more!

We can use our security systems to protect the interior and exterior of a 4,600 m², or larger, area. This is perfect for those looking for security services for warehouses, cannabis operations, distribution sites, laydown yards and other massive storage or process locations. Plus, with 24/7 surveillance from highly-trained professionals, no space is too large for our protection.

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Zedcor has emerged as a trusted partner in safeguarding your site, and your people, with a robust approach to business security services, rooted in real-life scenarios. Our custom-tailored security plans are embedded in your operations, providing integrated protection for your work-site and personnel.