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Save on your commercial
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Save on your commercial building security

One of the biggest failings of commercial building security is that it focuses on solutions that only matter after incidents have already occurred. Instead, we offer retail security systems and office security services with live monitoring and sensor technology to serve you better. Combine this with an access control system, and you have an ever-present watchdog for your building and premises.

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Mobile Surveillance

For commercial building situations with temporary workspaces, such as fumigation or renovations, there is no better security than a Mobileyez unit. Bright lights and military-grade cameras make a world of difference for deterring criminal behaviour.

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Fixed Surveillance

A complete suite of surveillance includes cameras, access control systems and sensor technology. These units work in tandem to monitor and observe all critical aspects of commercial businesses and are ideal for property and office managers, among others.

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Security Guards

On-site security might seem out of place in our modern world, but they still serve a crucial role behind the scenes for large office buildings. Let our former police and military personnel work for your commercial operations.

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Sensor Technology

Our sensor technology is perfect for identifying and responding to emergency situations through a variety of methods. These may include motion, thermal and sounds options, but it will depend on the needs of your commercial business.

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Access Control

Access control is ideal for office buildings, multi-family residential, and environmental sites because it effectively stops intrusion. Plus, it helps verify the identity of all visitors and staff to the site.


Enhance workplace and lone worker safety

Support potential investigations with video evidence

Maximize your return on investment and reduce costs

Minimize potential risks, liability, and site downtime

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Prevent crime and catch assailants in real-time

Hold staff accountable for false invoicing and internal theft

Monitor site activity and liaise with local law enforcement

Ensure the safety of all on-site personnel and employees

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We’ve assisted hundreds of clients from dozens of different industries. Our solutions are always custom, tailored, and designed to improve overall safety, security, and peace of mind. Learn more!

One of the best examples we can offer for commercial security systems’ efficacy is a multi-story office complex. Here, we can install custom access control for each business and monitor common areas with security cameras. Similar to car dealership security cameras, our options protect all parts of your building, including underground and aboveground parking garages.

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Zedcor has emerged as a trusted partner in safeguarding your site, and your people, with a robust approach to business security services, rooted in real-life scenarios. Our custom-tailored security plans are embedded in your operations, providing integrated protection for your work-site and personnel.