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Do you want to enhance the protection of your business’s most important assets, employees and operations? Zedcor Security offers major industries in Vancouver turnkey business security systems that significantly improve their operations. We utilize the expertise of our law enforcement team, eco-friendly products and end-to-end solutions to create wide-scale security coverage, protect your assets and streamline your security processes to act effectively and efficiently. Our team is devoted to excellence, integrity and innovation, delivering game-changing business security systems in Vancouver. Reach out to our experts today and start protecting your commercial establishment. 

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Safeguard your workplace with our business security systems in Vancouver

Employees, products, operations, services and systems; all these entities are under your business, and their protection should be your number one priority. One significant breach, whether digital or physical, can seriously damage their safety while impacting your business’ reputation and status. At Zedcor, we seek to eliminate any potential threats by pinpointing the weaknesses in your system before developing robust and targeted commercial security systems that instantly upgrade your workplace’s safety. This results in eliminating costly and unnecessary threats that disrupt your operations and, in turn, boosts your reputation in your industry as the leading security standard.

We customize solutions for all major Canadian industries

Mining camps, oil & gas services, pipeline facilities, retail and office, industrial warehouses, autobody and car dealerships; all these major Western Canadian industries require different business security systems. It’s our job to ensure that they get the security system that works for their operations while adhering to industry regulations and standards. We work with each company individually, building a security system around their needs to deliver the protection they want. It’s this level of detail, focus and experience that makes us stand out as the leading security team for all major Western Canadian industries. Experience it for yourself by partnering with us.  


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Mobile Surveillance

Get a top-down view of your entire workplace while enhancing security and protection with our MobileyeZ surveillance towers. These advanced products are simple to use and quick to install and come in solar or electrical hybrid fuel options, making them ideal for various industries throughout Vancouver.

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Live Video Verification

Monitor multiple locations on the ground and get coverage from local law enforcement with our live video verification system. From our main command centre, we can keep an eye out on all activities on the ground and immediately contact law enforcement in case of emergencies or situations.

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Fixed Surveillance

Get widespread coverage of your workplace with round-the-clock monitoring thanks to our commercial security camera systems in Vancouver. These military-grade security cameras, coupled with access control and alarm systems, and connection to our command centre, provide a comprehensive security blanket over your entire workplace, securing your assets and employees.

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Security Guards

Having boots on the ground is essential for many industries, as it secures assets by having personnel that act fast and effectively in situations. Your workplace can experience that with our security guards, who use strategic monitoring and efficient deployment to great effect. Our guards are highly-trained, understand criminal behaviour and forge relationships with local law enforcement.

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Sensor Technology

Sensor technology provides your workplace with discrete protection while using our proprietary software to monitor and track alerts. These devices can be used for all major Western Canadian industries, and can be paired with our MobileyeZ surveillance towers and command centre, or be used on their own.

access control system

Access Control

Secure entry points, allow access to authorized personnel and safeguard your operations with our access control systems. We can install these advanced systems throughout your workplace, allowing our team to confirm identities and deter intruders with our multi-cam speakers, preventing access and potential breaches to unknown individuals.


Enhance workplace and lone worker safety

Support potential investigations with video evidence

Maximize your return on investment and reduce costs

Minimize potential risks, liability, and site downtime

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Prevent crime and catch assailants in real-time

Hold staff accountable for false invoicing and internal theft

Monitor site activity and liaise with local law enforcement

Ensure the safety of all on-site personnel and employees

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Step 1

Motion Alert

Our motion alert technology harnesses state-of-the-art cameras, thermal sensors, infrared scanners and other equipment to ensure we know about on-site changes as they happen.
Step 2

Threat Assessment

Once an alert comes in, our highly trained personnel get to work assessing the situation. They quickly determine the requirements and duties they have to protect your assets and then get to work developing a strategy for effective prevention.
Step 3

Loudspeaker Voice Warning

During an intruder event, our security personnel can intervene safely using talk down techniques. Often, this is enough to dissuade would-be criminals.
Step 4

Police / Security Dispatch

In the event of false alarms, we can quickly notify local police about the situation. However, in the case of an actual security threat, these same clear lines of communication alert and inform them about the emerging situation.




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Pioneers & Innovators in Security

There is no substitute for quality technology for your security. At Zedcor, we’re pioneers of state-of-the-art security technology that solves tomorrow’s problems today. We constantly strive to elevate our security systems, advancing the success and effectiveness of our client’s tailored solutions and promoting a cost-effective way to protect your most valuable assets. Experience the next generation of security solutions with us.

We honour partnerships with several indigenous entities

Positive and successful First Nations partnerships drive our company forward as we strive to find mutually beneficial ways of doing business in the rural areas of Western and Central Canada.